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Focus on the prize, not just the buzzBenefit-led Decision-Making

Strategy and prioritisation sessions for senior decision makers

Typical scenario

Senior decision makers are planning significant change: they want to be able to use best information, and to think spontaneously at the same time. They also want the outputs of their time to be robust, consistent and immediately usable by the change portfolio and ‘business as usual’ delivery teams. 

Diaries are a nightmare – time together is precious and must be used effectively.


What we do

  • Desktop research and liaison to tailor Cambiel's strategic workshop approach to specific organisational context
  • Interactive 2-hour workshop using the discipline of benefits language with Cambiel’s unique free flow interactive exercises to capture and challenge senior team aspirations
  • Output from workshop turned into ‘straw man’ benefits map
  • Liaison with portfolio lead to refine maps and generate profiles for key and end benefits
  • 1-hour ‘sanity check’ session with senior team

How it helps

  • Gives great visibility to and de-duplicates existing work and obvious challenges, saving time and debate in the workshop
  • Experience tells us that most senior teams are very good at using the information that benefit mapping provides, but that creating them is not best use of their time. Our interactive free flow strategic workshop uses the discipline of benefits language  to capture the vision of the senior team, without inhibiting strategic debate
  • The facilitator produces the ‘straw man’, thus capturing both the formal outputs and the crucial implications of the session
  • Makes best use of the available support information quickly, and identifies actions to fill the gaps
  • Re-affirms the connection between the workshop and the benefits map in the minds of the senior team

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