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Change in practice, not just in colourBenefit-led Decision-Making

How do I improve benefits management in our portfolios, programmes and projects?

Strong and effective strategic decisions provide the direction and momentum which make organisations successful. Making those strategic decisions consumes significant amounts of financial, intellectual and emotional resources within an organisation. So why do so many organisations fail to make decisions in a timely fashion, or to convey them to the delivery teams in a way that can be easily understood and used to identify the priority tactical activities which will deliver business benefits?
Globally recognised best practice benefits realisation tools based around benefits mapping will apply discipline to strategic brainstorming. The outputs are clear and powerful, immediately effective for use by change programmes and by 'business as usual' teams.
Cambiel provides:
  • facilitated strategy and prioritisation sessions for senior decision makers
  • personalised coaching for experienced facilitators to run benefit mapping workshops
  • development of benefit-led business cases
  • training and coaching for Portfolio and PMO leaders to improve their use of benefits information
  • support for measurement and reporting teams to improve their provision of benefits information

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