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Focus on the prize, not just the buzzBenefit-led Decision-Making

Support for measurement and reporting teams to improve their provision of benefits information

Typical scenario

The decision making at senior levels is increasingly focused on the delivery of benefits, not just of capability.  This requires more and different information to be captured and, if it’s not well presented, the decision makers will be swamped and ineffective. 

What we do

  • Use benefit mapping and profiles to get real clarity around the information needed, who needs it and when
  • Help measurement teams to find the information or relevant proxy data
  • Analyse and organise data into easily understood and repeatable reporting formats
  • Train your teams to do 2 and 3

How it helps

  • Prevents benefit realisation management from becoming a bureaucratic nightmare
  • Measurement teams are usually very bright – and very overworked. Cambiel helps them to make the transition to reporting new data without getting swamped
  • Highly visual information formats which emphasise reporting by exception
  • Saves time by using tried and tested methods which have proved effective elsewhere
  • Improves sustainability for the organisation
  • Promotes personal development for the teams

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