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Focus on the prize, not just the buzzBenefit-led Decision-Making

Training and coaching for Portfolio and PMO leaders to improve their use of benefits information

Typical scenario

The organisation has experience in delivering programmes, and has a range of  individuals with excellent programme planning and delivery skill sets. The aspiration is to develop a top-down Portfolio approach and, to that end, a Portfolio Manager and/or a Portfolio Management Office have been put into place. The challenges include lack of clarity of strategic focus, inconsistency of benefits information, and lack of discipline in the use of existing processes (eg pet programmes initiated without business cases or consideration of the total portfolio commitment). It’s difficult to see what to tackle first, and which skill sets the Portfolio team need to sharpen.


What we do

  • Use the Cambiel benefits-led decision making maturity model* to establish measured baseline and targets, and to prioritise an action plan for effective and sustainable Portfolio Management
  • Combine skills analysis with the action plan to ensure that opportunities for personal growth are planned in with the development work. Experienced coaches are assigned to key individuals.
  • Deliver the action plan using experienced Portfolio experts for immediate momentum whilst prioritising transfer of skills for sustainability


 * The Cambiel maturity model links directly to practical and effective best practice Portfolio Management tools


How it helps
  • Uses your internal knowledge of ‘how things are' to ensure a quick start with tangible measured results, avoiding expensive audits to tell you what you already know
  • The best way to learn is with a live example. Organisations are often so busy getting things moving that they forget to multi-task and to use the experience of the change to develop internal skills
  • Immediate visibility of Portfolio information and the skills to use it, coupled with a fast-growing discipline of accountability

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