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Focus on the prize, not just the buzzBenefit-led Decision-Making

Development of benefit information for partnership planning, measurement and reporting

Typical scenario

The leaders of a multi-organisation partnership need information on which to make decisions. The data is likely to come from all partners, and often from external sources. Identifying and consolidating the appropriate data into user-friendly information is a real challenge.


What we do

  • Use benefit mapping and profiles to get real clarity of the information needed, who needs it and when
  • Work with each of the partnership organisations to find the information or relevant proxy data – and cleanse it
  • Analyse data into easily understood and repeatable reporting formats


How it helps

  • Prevents benefit realisation management from becoming a bureaucratic nightmare
  • Using an independent measurement body overcomes issues of internal politics, confidentiality, workloads etc
  • Highly visual information formats with the emphasis on reporting by exception
  • Saves time by using tried and tested methods which have proved effective elsewhere

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