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Focus on the prize, not just the buzzBenefit-led Decision-Making

Coaching in benefit-led decision making for lead partners

Typical scenario

The leaders of a newly formed multi-organisation partnership recognise that they need to be very clear on the benefits that they will deliver, and how far the scope of their partnership extends. There are many opportunities for scope creep and well-intentioned consumption of resource in non-core activities.

What we do

  • Executive briefings on benefit-led decision making, culminating in a short desktop exercise designed to gain agreement on the type of information the leaders will require, and when
  • Ongoing coaching for individuals or groups on making decisions based on the realisation of benefits
  • Review of inputs to and outputs from the leadership team, advising on improvements in quality and use  of information

How it helps

  • If the information requirement is pulled from the top rather than generated from the team it will be more useful more quickly. It will also help the team to understand what information they need only by exception, saving a lot of time
  • A focus on benefits will be more familiar to some leaders than to others. Coaching provides a safe environment to develop skill sets.
  • It is often the case that benefits work is created at the outset, after which all decision making is about delivery of capability. Review of inputs and outputs allows independent challenge.

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