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Focus on the prize, not just the buzzBenefit-led Decision-Making

Support for sales teams to establish benefit management as a key differentiator in their strategic selling approach

Typical scenario

You have a global sales team and a complex product/service. You create relationship sales, based on excellent delivery of an initial commitment, leading to repeat and referral opportunities. Doing this requires a clear understanding of the measurable benefits achievable by the client, and also clarity on the change activities that your transition team will be undertaking to make the purchase a success, and those that will be undertaken by the client. Currently you incur costs of mitigating issues post sale which have occurred through lack of clarity between sales team, client team and transition teams.

You are keen to embrace benefit realisation management if it can help your success but are very mindful of anything that could add complexity and increase the time taken to achieve a sale.

What we do

  • Create a generic benefit dependency map and supporting benefit profiles for your sales proposition
  • Train/coach your sales and after sales teams, assessing their readiness to use benefits realisation management
  • Support your sales teams through large/critical bids
  • Offer benefit management training to your clients as value-add within your bid

 How it helps

  • Articulates clearly how your product/services can contribute to client value, showing which business changes are crucial and who is responsible  for delivering them
  • Tailored benefit dependency map for each client.  More consistency from your sales team and with your delivery teams. Be seen by clients as different from your competitors: more business focused and realistic about benefit delivery
  • Credibility of benefits experts added to the technical expertise of your sales teams: preparing written submissions, coaching and client-facing
  • Focuses the client on doing their part in making the product/service work

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