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Change in practice, not just in colourBenefit-led Decision-Making

How do I establish effective contracts between suppliers and buyers?

It’s no longer enough just to buy capability. Increasingly, buyers want to bolster their confidence that the money spent will deliver tangible business benefits by sharing the risk with suppliers through proactive and transparent contracts.

Intelligent sales organisations recognise the opportunity that this provides to create long-term and mutually rewarding partnerships but they are understandably nervous of performance guarantees when requirements are so rarely stated as clear, measurable benefits.

Both organisations want the contract document to include a delivery framework which is easy to understand and robust.

Globally-recognised best practice benefits realisation tools: 

  • provide a clear view of the potential business benefits from the investment with proven baselines and deliverable targets
  • establish a mutual understanding of the full range of change activities needed to deliver the business benefits, including who will be responsible for the change activities
  • create a well-rounded transition plan between supplier teams and organisation change programmes/ 'business as usual' teams

Cambiel provides support for:

  • purchasing teams - to put in place repeatable benefit-based contracts
  • sales teams - to respond effectively to individual benefit-based tenders
  • sales teams - to use benefit realisation management as a key differentiator in their strategic selling approach


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