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Focus on the prize, not just the buzzBenefit-led Decision-Making

Personalised coaching for experienced facilitators to run benefits mapping workshops

Typical scenario

You are a charismatic and effective facilitator, with the credibility to direct a workshop of powerful and demanding cross-functional experts. You can see that benefit mapping is going to provide you with disciplined output that can immediately be used to improve planning and delivery within the organisation. You can also appreciate that this level of visibility of information will be a culture change for the organisation. You want to run workshops yourself, now and in the future, but you can’t afford any process weaknesses in running the workshops to distract from the challenging debate on content for the benefit map.

What we do

  • Advance coaching on the process of running a benefits mapping workshop which includes handling group dynamic issues specific to this type of event, and ‘get out of trouble’ hints and tips
  • An experienced Cambiel facilitator runs a workshop with you in support, directly handling as many of the elements as you are comfortable with
  • Post workshop debrief and coaching session
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 with you running the workshop, the Cambiel facilitator in support

NB Cambiel can provide person specifications and skills analysis for facilitators


How it helps

  • Gives you a clear view of how the event runs, and any gaps in your existing facilitation skills. You have an opportunity to tailor the excellent Cambiel workshop collateral and facilitators' notes to suit your own style
  • You can stretch your skill set without endangering the quality of the workshop: if you need to, you can get involved in content. Initially, it can be very difficult to think content and process simultaneously
  • Provides a safe environment for checking skills development and for understanding where alternative use of the process steps might have produced a different result
  • Gives you control while keeping a safety net in place: even if you are completely in control, it’s very useful to have someone with you to answer awkward questions, or to give you time to think through next steps when it gets challenging

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